Project Description

Two massive reasons

The ‘A&E Crisis’ has been a hot topic for a number of years now, with the NHS stretched to breaking point by patients turning up to A&E for treatment when there are other, more appropriate, services available.

The Choose Well initiative was created to signpost patients more effectively. I was involved very early on, when it was just a local concern, providing some (very) rough concept ideas for a local awareness campaign.



The ‘two massive reasons’ concept was chosen as the agreed route, so the next stage was to give it a bit more oomph. This meant more characters, each one visually depicting the services offered by local pharmacies.

First stop: my sketchpad, where I decided to give the ‘2’ characters faces, to add personality and charm.

First, I roughed out each character, then inked a solid outline to scan into the computer. Clothing and props were created separately so that they could be changed or removed if required.


The outline was then digitally coloured-up and comped together to create the final character.


Pretty soon, I’d created a suite of cartoon characters spanning the whole range of services provided by local pharmacies. Hopefully it’s pretty clear what each one represents.


The characters were then added into the campaign template to create the final adverts, across a wide variety of media.



The campaign was so successful that it was rolled out nationally. It was also picked up by Asda, who used it to promote their pharmacy services across the UK.

Choose Well is now a well-known national initiative, proving very effective in educating patients and helping to ease the strain on the NHS.