Project Description

The third person

There’s an alarming stat that suggests instances of domestic abuse spike around Valentine’s Day, with alcohol playing a significant part.

The client wanted to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and domestic violence – to both victims and perpetrators – around Valentine’s Day.

I was given only one bit of steerage: the campaign would be centred around the headline ‘Is alcohol the third person in your relationship?’

With anything concept-driven, the first port of call is my trusty sketchbook, to scribble down my initial ideas.


This allowed me to further distill my thoughts into some guidelines:

  • Nothing graphic – it’s been done a gajillion times before, and people just switch off from it
  • Nothing too clever-clever – remember who the campaign is aimed at
  • Use as few words as possible – the target audience has very low literacy levels
  • Make it visually interesting

Using these as steerage, I took my favourite idea forward and created a marker visual.


With the client happy, I then created the final campaign artwork. Budgets were tight, so it was put together using various bits of stock art.

This was then rolled out across posters, bus shelter adverts and billboards in the local area.


To this day, I’m still really proud of the concept.