Project Description

Getting under the skin of a brand

Even the biggest brands in the world can go stale after a while. Apple, for example, regularly tweak and refine their brand to remain fresh and relevant.

Case in point: SkinGenesis, a non-surgical cosmetic clinic whose brand had unfortunately lost its youthful vigour and gone a bit saggy round the jowls.


I was asked to take a look at their brand so, after lengthy research to understand the marketplace and SkinGenesis’ position within it, I put forward a proposal for a brand refresh. The aim was to bring it up to date and make sure it accurately reflected the innovative, sector-leading and results-driven nature of the company’s work.


Because this wasn’t a complete reinvention, some elements of the existing brand were taken forward into the new branding concepts; namely, the colour palette and hexagonal stem cell icons.

I also worked with the company directors to gain insight into their ethos, to inform a new strapline.


The chosen brand gave the company a fresh and revitalised look. It looked ten years younger.


Using the parent brand as a base, I also created complementary sub-brands for other elements of the business.


To help staff engage with and use the brand effectively, I created a set of brand guidelines that were comprehensive, but had a friendly face.



The refreshed and revitalised brand was then applied across the company.