Project Description

Quantity Over Time

Psychedelic prog-rockers Where asked me to design the cover for their debut album, Quantity Over Time.

The album is a compilation of the best songs of their twenty-year career, re-recorded and remastered for modern ears (previously, they were only available on cassette – if you’re under 25, ask your parents). It’s weird, trippy stuff.

I needed an idea for the cover. My first album cover – no pressure. The title conjured up all sorts of images in my head, but one thought kept coming back to me: mad scientists.

I drew this lying on a sunbed in the Caribbean (as you do).


With only the crappy sketch above as proof of concept, the band miraculously trusted me to create something amazing. We borrowed an empty store room above a bookshop, and spent a day shooting the cover.

This primarily involved dry ice and gurning.


Five hours and one broken drummer later, I convinced the band that I’d got the shot we needed and went home to review the shoot.

contact sheet

Once I’d chosen the best shot, I marked up the areas to enhance in post-production. There was quite a lot.

Post-production notes

This comparison should give you an idea of how much work was done.


I designed the sleeve to look like an old science textbook. This meant scouring every charity shop within a ten mile radius to find the perfect (that is, imperfect and knackered) book to use for reference and textures.

CD artwork

I also created new logos for the band (to replace their old hand-drawn one) and their newly-created record label.


To make sure that everything had a consistent look and feel, I also reskinned the band’s online Bandcamp page to fit the new aesthetic.


And finally, I created a set of images from the shoot’s out-takes to use as promo shots.


At the time, this was my most ambitious and time-consuming shoot. I still love the shot, and have a big print of it on my studio wall.

If you’d like to treat your lug-holes to a bit of prime Brummie psychedelia, you can get a copy of Quantity Over Time here.