Project Description

The Chinese Burn Society

I was asked to create the cover art for The Chinese Burn Society’s debut album.

After a chat to discuss their aspirations, I jotted down some initial ideas.


With only unfinished demos to work from to gauge the mood of the album, I mocked up some really rough concepts to give the band a selection of creative routes. Some would need a little more bravery than others…

Chines_burns_concept_1 Chines_burns_concept_3Chines_burns_concept_2

But what I really wanted to do was to shoot the cover myself, rather than using someone else’s imagery.

I drew a sketch of how I thought the image could work, using the keyboard player’s flat as the setting.


When I got to the flat for the shoot, it quickly became obvious that it was far too cramped to get the shot I had in my head, so I had to improvise.

I’ve always loved that painting of the dogs playing poker, so I decided to create an homage.

I spent an evening coaxing and cojoling the band into ever-more-strange expressions, to reveal each of their personalities.


Once I’d found the shot that worked best, I began post-production to give it ‘a mood’ requested in the briefing.

Here’s an interactive slider thingy that shows a comparison between the original off-camera shot and the final processed image.


I carried the theme across into the other elements of the packaging.


If you’d like a copy of the album, you can get it here.