Project Description

Panther Droid (official video)

The Chinese Burn Society are a psychedelic rock band with fantastic songs and a really quirky identity. I’ve worked with them before on a few projects, including creating the artwork for their debut single and album. This video was to accompany one of their most popular songs live, the instrumental ‘Panther Droid’.

Without any lyrics to provide a hook, I pitched the idea of the band being under surveillance from an omnipresent, invisible entity – the Panther Droid of the title.


To give the impression of an all-seeing/go anywhere eye, I used a GoPro to get some unusual camera angles that included mounting the camera on the band and their instruments.


We shot over three hours of footage (for a four-minute song!), capturing the same take over and over again from different angles so that it looked like just the one take, but with no visible camera equipment.

Once the video was edited, top-and-tailed with a storyline and post-produced to look like my original concept sketch, I launched a small teaser campaign on social media which included a short trailer to build anticipation for the video’s launch.



The video was really well received, and succeeded in boosting the band’s presence online, securing some great support slots with well-renowned bands, and shifting a few albums.

It was a lot of hard graft to plan, shoot, edit and produce the video but when work is this much fun, it ain’t really work at all…






If you’d like to purchase a copy of the song, visit the Chinese Burn Society’s Bandcamp page.