Project Description

Immortality for Beginners

‘You and I are gonna live forever’ sang Liam Gallagher. I hope he’s right.

‘Who wants to live forever?’ asked Freddie Mercury, although it’s probably a bit late for him.

Written for those of us still breathing, Immortality for Beginners is a guide to living a longer, healthier life.

I got involved as the book was being written, providing research, copy checking, referencing, content advice and editing to help make the book as entertaining and informative as possible. The author and I went through what seemed like a thousand drafts until we were happy.


Once it was written, we needed to sell it. I’d never marketed a self-help book before, so I created an online survey to understand the book-buying habits of our potential customers.


Part of this process involved designing our potential jacket. After all, the book needed shelf appeal whether it was found on Amazon, downloaded to a Kindle or bought from WHSmiths.

Four very different cover options were created, with survey respondents asked to rank them in order of preference – and tell us why.


A clear favourite emerged, and became the face of our book.


This then informed the style of the content pages, which were kept clean and crisp, as this book is all about the content.


We decided to sell it on Amazon, as it’s by far the biggest marketplace for both physical and ebook formats.

Since launch, the book has sold steadily – even appearing in the top 20 Kindle downloads for a while.

If you’d like a copy of the book (it really is genuinely excellent by the way), you can find it on Amazon for the price of a pint.


Not convinced? Meet Ethel – she’s 74, a great-great-grandmother and a world champion BMXer.

She bloody loves this book.


Now go and buy it.