Every now and again, I’ll have a dig through my hard drive looking at my old photos with fresh eyes.

As my experience as a photographer grows, my tastes are changing. I used to be massively into Lomography and all that plastic camera malarkey, but that style of photography doesn’t really do it for me any more. Maybe my palate is maturing, maybe I’m learning to read photographs better, maybe I’m just getting old. I dunno.

But as my appreciation of what makes a good photo evolves, I’ll occasionally find a photo I’ve shot in the past and see it in a whole new light. It’s like taking a new photo.

I wanted somewhere on my website that I could post these new/old images, so I created Memory Card Lane. If I find something I think is interesting, I’ll whack it on here.

Having said all that, the first photo I’m going to share isn’t that old at all, but was definitely in danger of disappearing into the no man’s land on my hard drive. I took it about five weeks ago, but hadn’t got round to processing it because of all the car stuff I’ve been shooting.


What I like about this image is that there’s so much to see in a shot that initially looks like nothing is happening.

There’s the juxtaposition of typography, from the beautiful Art Deco signage through the bland functionality of the road signs to the neon squiggle of graffiti. I like the range of textures: sky, brick, concrete, tarmac, corrugated windows and rusty steel. And I like the not-quite-symmetricality of it.

All in all, a photo I’m really happy with and a fitting introduction to Memory Card Lane.