The first (and only) time my work has been exhibited in a gallery was in Autumn 2015, at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

Historically, the RBSA hasn’t cared much for photography. When I entered their ‘Urban Life’ competition, it had been 80 years since their last photography exhibition.

I don’t know what made me enter, as I’m not really one for competitions. Anyway, I did and was selected as one of 40 exhibiting artists.

My image, Call the cops, was taken at Ground Zero in New York City. Here it is is all its splendour on the wall of the gallery.


I’d always had ambitions of seeing my work hanging in a gallery, so I was dead excited for opening night and the chance to mingle and shoot the breeze with the other photographers.

Me and the missus got all dressed up, her in a posh dress and me in my best ‘hey, I’m an artist’ gear and…

Went for a pizza.

What can I say. We did go to the gallery, but I felt really uncomfortable and self-conscious, and my latent social retardation kicked in. So after five minutes we necked our prosecco and legged it.

A sorry tale.

Anyway, the reason for this embarrassing trip down memory lane is that I’ve entered the RBSA’s 2017 Photography Prize. Hopefully this time (if I get chosen) I’ll have the courage to hang around a bit longer…