Erm… Hello.

You know when you’re at a party and all your friends piss off and leave you stood next to a complete stranger, and you kind of look at each other and smile awkwardly, both of you waiting for the other one to speak, to shatter the uncomfortable silence with something so pant-wettingly brilliant that you’ll file it away in your mental library of ‘Funniest Anecdotes… Ever!’ and become best friends for life?

That’s a bit like how writing your own biography feels.

Unfortunately, my brain hasn’t had the social lubrication of six cans of lukewarm lager, so I may not be on top form but I’ll give you my best ‘elevator pitch’ as they say over the pond.

Here goes.

I suppose I’m what you’d call ‘a creative’. As much as I dislike that phrase because of the images of Shoreditch wankery it conjures up, it’s probably closest to the mark. But let me elaborate a bit.

So maybe yesterday I was creating the brand for a startup business, and today I’m designing their marketing material. Tomorrow I’ll be photographing a beautiful classic car, and next week I’m planning on doing some illustrations for a set of limited edition prints. In between, I’ve had a brilliant idea for an animated video, so I’ll start storyboarding that. And then there’s the t-shirt designs that’ve been floating round in my head for ages. And the poem about the time I beat a well-known celebrity at Scrabble. And of course, my book of New York street photography. And so it goes on.

My brain never stops whirring. Never sits still. Never goes into screensaver mode. Never powers down.

I call it creative fidgetry.

I think that sums it up quite well. And I just like the way it sounds.

Which brings me to this website: part shop window, part diary, part catharsis. I’ll be using it to reveal my latest projects, talk about the things that tickle my creative curiosity, and delve into my twenty-odd years as a designer and creative director to share some of my favourite projects. There may even be some cool stuff to spend your pocket money on.

So that’s me, summed up in a couple of hundred (slightly sweary) words.

Anyway, looks like your friends are coming back so I’ll leave you to enjoy the party.

Take it easy.